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Connect your devices to the cloud and build your Internet of Things application


1. Energy efficiency


Solutions to monitor your energy consumption, power demand and even more. Select your tariff and improve your costs with our optimization tools including KPIs, data historical, ratio calculations and relays actuations. Define alarms for abnormal consumptions, overvoltages, reactive energy, maximum demand excess, etc..





2. Temperature control






Control humidity and temperature levels in agriculture facilities, securely measure temperature inside industrial and medical fridges or generate alarms if your truck freezer temperature is greater than the maximum value allowed. Remotely manage your facilities and improve your building efficiency measuring key indicators.



3. Water and gas monitoring


Monitor your irrigation installation, control remotely the swimming pool conditions, detect liquid presence outside tanks or measure pressure pipes for gas distribution. Connect any third-party water or gas sensor to our 3G/GPRS gateway and send your data to our IoT platform.





4. Remote maintenance






Use PickData EVO as your secure remote on-line maintenance service. Enhance your security by constantly checking parameters of the installation and machines: energy, temperatures, digital or analogue inputs, etc.., generate real-time alarms if something is going wrong or close a relay to remotely manage an output. Be protected 24 hours a day, 365 days receiving a rapid response and direct link to the alarm produced in your email.


5. Asset tracking


Track your assets globally in movement monitoring them in real-time wherever they go through 3G/GRPS communications. Measure the temperature inside the fridge or generate an alarm if the vibration is higher than allowed for the product being transported.




6. Smart vending






Watch your sales online and real-time, detect machines that need refill or service, or what are your best seller products. Have an instant view on revenue-affecting issues generating an alarm if a loss of power or a change problem is detected and solve a critical problem acting in consequence of an email notificaction.




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