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Customized Products

 Experts in Modbus, Ethernet, GSM, GPRS and WiFi communications

 Dataloggers and measurement devices

 Web applications

 Extensive knowledge in cloud computing

 Embedded software in devices

 Product labeling and packaging

 Approvals and quality certificates


We adapt us to you and we offer our development team to carry out solutions specifically designed to meet your needs.

We are experts in development of industrial devices based on Modbus, Ethernet, GSM, GPRS and WiFi communications, including dataloggers and measurement devices. In addition, we also develop embedded software for those products.

Also, we are available to develop web applications using the latest technology, based on our knowledge and innovation to give to our client the highest competitive advantages.

PickData is a company committed with their client; we always deliver our product finished and ready for distribution, including packaging, labeling, approvals and quality certificates.

Commitment, experience and innovation designing solutions to meet your needs



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  •   +34 935 117 505
  •   C/ Innovació, 3 – Polígono Industrial Can Mitjans -

08232 Viladecavalls (Barcelona)

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