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A control solution completely wireless


Place your sensors, plug it on and start sensing.


Two is better than one


Two digital inputs, two temperature probe inputs and two digital relay outputs with long range radiofrecuency.



Cold rooms

Cold rooms

Monitor temperatures at door entry and cold output with two temperature probes. Detect if the door remains open with a digital input and activate a load or a sound alarm with digital relays ouputs.


TIR Two automatically calculates average, maximum and minimum temperatures of a configured period.


Big installations

Big installations

Monitor and control your devices anywhere, distance ain't a problem anymore.


Working with long range radiofrequency using LoRa modules, you will communicate with gateways up to 1 km for indoor facilities and 20 km for outdoor installations.

Resources managament

Resources managament

Monitor a silo capacity, manage your production assets and automate your control procedures.


Combining TIR Two with EVO cloud platform, schedule actions using a calendar specifying time slots and twilight thresholds.





Three applications, three solutions.


TIR Two is versatile and smart. It automatically calculates averages, maximums, minimums and generates alarms. Let it go.


I want it



TIR Two (Temperature Inputs Relays) is a digital signals and impulse centralizer. In only 4 DIN modules, the unit has 2 relay outputs, 2 voltage free digital inputs and 2 NTC/PTC inputs for temperature sensors.

The device works with LoRaTM protocol for long range radio communications, with maximum communication’s range of 1 km indoor and up to 20 outdoor with direct line of sight.

All setup in radio communications is done using the dip-switch located in the lower part of the device. Once the configuration is completed, TIR Two devices connect automatically with Gateway LR for a fast and easy installation.

This product is only available with PickData's cloud platform solution. An integration is required in order to use it on third party softwares.


  • LoRaTM communication
  • RS-485 communication
  • External antenna included
  • SMA female connector for extended external antenna if needed
  • Direct input voltage 230 Vac
  • 2 digital inputs
  • 2 relay outputs
  • 2 temperature NTC/PTC probes inputs
  • Performing calculations independently
  • Generation of alarms independently
  • Manual configuration of LoRaTM radio parameters by dip-switch
  • Status LED
  • TX an RX LEDs
  • 4 DIN rail enclosure
  • PC self-extinguishing box


Manual  Download


External antenna datasheet (ACCESSORY)  Download





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