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1. Choose your modules


We have designed and certified a big quantity of modules to offer exactly what you need. Take a look on the following list and choose your modules to create your own IoT devices:

  • CPU & Datalogger
    • CPU Pro (ARM A7 800 MHz, 512 MB DDR3, 8GB eMMC & Wi-Fi)
    • CPU Basic (ARM A7 700 MHz, 256 MB DDR3, 512 MB NAND & Wi-Fi)
    • ESP32 (Dual-core 32-bit 240 MHz, 8MB RAM, 16 MB FLASH & Wi-Fi)
  • Power supply & Battery
    • 85-264 VAC
    • 9-36 VDC
    • Supercapacitor
  • Communications
    • RS-232, RS-485 and Ethernet
    • GPRS
    • 4G LTE Cat 1
    • LoRaWAN (on development)
    • NB-IoT / LTE CAT-M1 (on development)
  • Metering & Control
    • Three phase energy meter
    • Double three phase energy meter
    • 8 Signal relay output (NO/NC)
    • 7 Analog inputs 0...20 mA / 4...20 mA / 0...10 V and 2 Power relays
    • 10 Digital inputs
    • 5 Digital inputs and 2 Power relays
    • 12 Analog inputs 0...20 mA / 4...20 mA / 0...10 V
    • 2 PT100/PT1000 inputs, 2 Digital inputs and 1 Power relay
    • 4 Current analogue outputs (on development)
    • 4 Voltage analogue outputs (on development)







2. Firmware development


You can develop the firmware by your own way or you can trust our reliable professional team for this task. We use the most modern tools in a way to make the process as cost-effective and fast as possible.

  • End-to-end service

  • We have a highly skilled team of firmware and embedded software developers. Our firmware is robust, reliable, and well structured, and conforms to accepted industry practices, standards and languages

  • Your own development

  • We believe that by delivering great quality hardware with incredibly simple setup and connectivity, you can then focus on developing your own applications. We provide a very intuitive documentation to help you to easy build your own application.


3. Verification and certification


PickData has its own partner laboratory for testing electromagnetic compatibility (EMC/EMI) and a full set of calibration instruments for ensuring the quality of all our products according to the requirements of the existing directives. We can perform all necessary tests to our products in order to ensure its quality, fulfil regulatory requirements for CE marking and other customer requirements.

Electromagnetic compatibility testing

Electrical Safety testing

Environmental testing

Mechanical testing








4. Customization






Rather than simply adding your logo to a product, you have the opportunity to create your own IoT device.

Build a new product choosing your power supply, sensors, inputs/outputs and communications interfaces.

You will get a device unique in the world, with your specifications, firmware and brand. 100% certified and customized.


eMOD has been designed to be the prettiest of its kind. It only remains to add your brand.



Viladecavalls (Barcelona) Spain

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