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How it works

Industrial IoT Cloud Platform Monitoring Control Analysis PickData EVO

PickData EVO is a software-as-a-service designed for monitoring, remote control and analysis.


The fastest and easiest way to connect your installations to the IoT world.

Let's present the key components of the solution.


1. PickData EVO Industrial IoT Platform


Cloud software for treatment, monitoring, control and analysis of data.


EVO is ready to receive data of any kind of device (including third party), manage, monitor and export this information, receive real-time alarms, take actions, remotely control and analyze high volumes of data with dashboards, reports and advanced big data tools.



PickData EVO Industrial IoT Platform Advanced Analysis


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2. Smart IoT Gateway



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The brain of the facility. It captures data, generates real-time alarms, automatically actuates, and calculates KPIs.


Key features: 3G/GPRS commnications, Ethernet, RS-485, Relay and 12 VDC Power Supply Output.


Two models. PICK VPN, with free VPN 3G/GPRS communications. PICK 3G, communications at your own.



3. Sensors & Meters


Monitoring and control devices, own and third party sensors. Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP and LoRa protocols.


We have already integrated many devices and we want to keep expanding our sensors portfolio. If we don't have your sensor, we will integrate it.




Product Portfolio Industrial Devices


Pick VPN/3G is a gateway designed to communicate with machines and sensors, collect and store their data and send it to the website for their treatment. The gateway’s main feature is the communication using 3G, which can be swapped to GPRS when there’s no 3G network coverage. Pick VPN/3G has an internal and an external antenna with a switch to select which one is going to be used. The modem adds an Ethernet port, RS-485, an auxiliary 12 V tension output and a relay output.

We have two models of gateway:

  • Pick VPN: SIM card included with VPN communications. The gateway will always communicate through 3G/GPRS with EVO platform.
  • Pick 3G: No SIM card included. Possibility to communicate to EVO platform through 3G/GPRS or Ethernet.


Documentation and other information

 PICK VPN/3G webpage

 Quick installation guide Pick VPN (Multilanguage)  Download

 Quick installation guide Pick 3G (Multilanguage)  Download




Our solution is based in GPRS/3G communications to upload data registered from gateways to EVO IoT web platform. If 3G network is available, PICK VPN/3G always choose this way to transfer data and alarms, even though it will transmit using GPRS if there's no 3G coverage along the gateway area. 

The model PICK VPN is provided with a SIM card to bring to the gateway a full-duplex VPN communication between the devices and the IoT Platform. The cost of the communications is included in the gateway price.


PickData EVO web platform main features are:

  • Monitoring and dashboards
  • Control and actuation
  • Data analysis
  • Devices-to-Cloud
  • Reports
  • Energy efficiency
  • Real-time alarms
  • Data storage and processing

If you want to know more about main features of PickData EVO click here



Documentation and other information

    Manual Download



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