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Use cases

PickData proposes a set of solutions that can improve and be adapted to any business model, designed to manage and monitor large volumes of machines, sensors, computers or distributed installations remotely; from standard solutions to customized solutions.


Those companies specialized in the design, manufacture and marketing of products from those you want to obtain information in real-time remotely and economically to analyze it, take actions, perform maintenances, manage systems or display information to end users through the latest web and mobile technologies. The data collection from the devices can be carried out by a standard hardware installed on the machine or system, through a specific development for a customized device, or integrating the protocols to the manufacturer devices.


Do you have facilities across various national and international regions and would like to know what is happening in real-time, receive data, alarms, perform analysis and comparatives, maintenances tasks, remotely management, reports or provide information to end user through the latest web and mobile technologies?
We provide the gateway which will connect to the devices installed on your facility, will give you communications with a single click in almost any corner of the world and will allow you to manage the whole system easily from a web browser or mobile device.



Do you manage a large number of facilities distributed across a large national and international territory and want to have a quick and easy way to access to historical and real-time information from your installations? Do you want to be notified if something is outside the parameters that you have configured to protect your properties?
With our solutions you can connect all kind of data-capture devices that allow to obtain valuable information from your facilities and monitor them through a online software from anywhere in the world.


Do you distribute third-party devices? Sensors? Measuring equipment? Machinery? Your clients are interested in receiving data from those devices remotely and you want to provide them a unique solution valid for equipment from different manufacturers?
We provide software and hardware tools to communicate with any type of data-capture third-party devices from new or known manufacturers.


We may not have a solution for you, but if you need to monitor some kind of parameter from many remote points, whether you have or not the appropriate hardware, maybe we can help you.



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