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How it works

PickData solution carries your devices to the world of the Internet of Things and, to achieve it, is based on three major pillars: PICK 3G gateway, integrated 2G/3G communications and EVO IoT web platform.

EVO is a powerful web platform ready to receive real-time information of devices distributed around the planet and store, manage, monitor or export this information, receive alarms and take actions, work simultaneously with high volumes of devices and data, complete analysis, graph data with multiple widgets and generate specific reports for each application.

EVO is constantly updated to the latest technologies and it can be customized for each client to convert it to their own software.

If we take a look at hardware, PICK 3G gateway is a device specifically designed to communicate sensors, machines, devices or installations with the EVO web platform using mobile network (2G/3G).
For special applications where our gateways don’t fit your requirements, gateways can be developed with special features.

To link software and hardware, the solution integrates free global communications through mobile networks (2G/3G) to send data from all the gateways to the web platform from most countries worldwide, reducing very significantly the costs of installation and operation.
These services can be managed, monitored, activated and deactivated with one click on the web platform at any time and for any device.


PICK 3G is a gateway designed to communicate with machines and sensors, collect and store their data and send it to the web platform EVO for their treatment. The gateway main feature is communicating using 3G, which can be swapped to 2G when there’s no 3G network coverage. PICK 3G has an internal and an external antenna with a switch to select which one is going to be used. The modem adds an Ethernet port, RS-485, an auxiliary 12 V tension output and a relay output.


Documentation and other information

    PICK 3G web

    Quick installation guide Download


Our solution is based in 2G/3G communications to upload data registered from gateways to EVO web platform. If 3G network is available, PICK 3G always choose this way to transfer reads and alarms, even though it will transmit using 2G if there's no 3G visibility in gateway area. 

Also, we provide a SIM card with PICK 3G and communications are included in gateway price.


EVO IoT web platform main features:

  • Devices connection
  • Data storage and processing
  • Real-time alarms
  • Companies management
  • Facilities geolocation
  • Dashboards and widgets representation
  • Users rights customization
  • Mobile phones and tablets compatibility

Documentation and other information

    Manual Download




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