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Pick VPN / Pick 3G


A brilliant design


Thin, well-designed, lightweight and tough.



Non-limit connectivity


With Pick VPN/3G you will have the best worldwide connectivity quality. Their capacity for 2 antennas and their dedicated access to GPRS/3G network will allow connecting reliably and quickly.





The new A8 CPU is fast and powerful. It has been designed to be so power efficient and can sustain a high performance.


Pick VPN/3G is able to calculate ratios of many devices, high-speed data processing, generate real-time alarms, send email notifications instantly....


Many devices, many places

Many devices, many places

Connect with your devices anywhere with our worldwide capability to access to any network provider.


RS-485 and Ethernet communications to connect with many devices including energy and temperature sensors, pulse counters, meters, analyzers, ...

Self-power your devices

Self-power your devices

You're not going to need an external power supply to run your 12 Vdc devices because Pick VPN/3G includes a power output for your sensors and devices.



Latest technology for the best performance


Pick VPN/3G is a device prepared for everything you need.



Great autonomy


We cannot afford to lose a single data, and that’s why Pick VPN/3G is able to work independently without connection to the mobile network.




Install and start


Simplicity and ease are the words that better define the installation of Pick VPN/3G. Just connect and start.


I want it




Pick VPN/3G is a gateway designed to communicate with machines and sensors, collect and store their data and send it to the website for their treatment. The gateway’s main feature is the communication using 3G, which can be swapped to GPRS when there’s no 3G network coverage. Pick VPN/3G has an internal and an external antenna with a switch to select which one is going to be used. The modem adds an Ethernet port, RS-485, an auxiliary 12 V tension output and a relay output.

We have two models of gateway:

  • Pick VPN: SIM card included with VPN communications. The gateway will always communicate through 3G/GPRS with EVO platform.
  • Pick 3G: No SIM card included. Possibility to communicate to EVO platform through 3G/GPRS or Ethernet.




  • 3G communication
  • GPRS communication
  • Communication with VPN server integrated (only Pick VPN)
  • Static IP compatibility
  • Ethernet and RS-485 communications
  • Modbus RTU and TCP/IP protocols
  • Remote modem configuration
  • APN configuration
  • User and password configuration
  • Status LEDs
  • Internal antenna
  • SMA female connector for external antenna
  • Manual reset
  • Direct input voltage 230 Vac
  • 12 Vdc output
  • Relay output
  • Read of 150 variables simultaneously
  • Capacity to store more than 400000 data
  • Up to 32 devices connected by RS-485
  • Performing calculations independently
  • PC self-extinguishing box


Manual PICK VPN  English  Español  Português


Manual PICK 3G  English  Español  Português


Quick installation guide Pick VPN  Multilanguage


Quick installation guide Pick 3G  Multilanguage


Antenna 2,2 dBi with 2 meter cable - Datasheet (ACCESSORY)  English  Español


Antenna IP67 4 dBi with 1 meter cable - Datasheet (ACCESSORY)  English  Español


Firmware  Download




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