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03 Apr 2019


SEM’s energy meters range extends their features adding new functions for applications like machinery monitoring, pumping facilities and solar panels management.

The main features of the new version of the meters SEM One and SEM Three are the following:

  • Module of Operating time counter
    • Configuration of the electrical parameter that will start the counter. All voltages, currents and powers will be available
    • Possibility of individually configuring each phase
    • Configuration of threshold for counting
    • Configuration of time delay for counting
    • Partial (resettable) and total time counters
    • Example for SEM Three
      • Voltage L1 greater than 230 VAC during 10 seconds for Phase 1 operating time counter
      • Current L2 greater than 5 Amperes during 5 seconds for Phase 2 operating time counter
      • Active power L3 greater than 30 Watt during 300 seconds for Phase 3 operating time counter
      • Maximum demand III greater than 15 Watt during 600 seconds for Total operating time counter
  • 4 Quadrants energy metering
    • New parameters monitored such as generated active power and energy, generated inductive reactive power and energy, generated capacitive reactive power and energy, and generated apparent power and energy
  • New PC Software to configure SEM’s product range
    • Communication by TCP, UDP, ModbusTCP and Serial port
    • Configuration of any communication parameter including peripherical number, baudrate, ...
    • Configuration of any current transformer parameter
    • Configuration of any operating hours counters parameters

The new module of operating hours counting will allow to manage with precision how long an asset works to ease tasks of predictive maintenance, production control or energy efficiency.

You can check all the documentation from SEM energy meters and TRA/ TRC current transformers at Energy meters menu, or if you prefer it, you can contact our commercial department to receive personalized attention and a product quotation.



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SEM's Energy meters; now with operating hours counter and 4 quadrants energy metering

03 Apr 2019

SEM’s energy meters range extends their features adding new functions for sectors like machinery monitoring, pumping facilities and solar panels management.

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