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SEM Three


The world's smallest three-phase analyzer


SEM Three is the first three-phase analyzer that fits in 1 DIN rail module.






Avoid reactive penalties and power excess


Combined with our billing simulation you'll avoid surprises in your electricity bill



There isn't a more versatile consumption analyzer


SEM Three has four working modes that will allow you to read three single-phase systems, one three-phase and up to three balanced three-phase.





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Split or closed core transformers. You choose.


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SEM Three is a three-phase power analyzer that allows to monitor electrical parameters of your installation including active energy, reactive energy, voltage, current, power, maximum demand and more. These parameters are measured separately for each phase, what gives SEM Three high versatility to work as a three-phase analyzer or a triple single-phase analyzer.

The design, occupying a single DIN rail module, allows that SEM Three can be placed easily at any installation.

The device has removal connectors for power supply (85-265 Vac), external current transformers (250 mA output) and RS-485 communications.

The communication of measured data works over Modbus RTU standard protocol.


SEM Three

  • RS-485 slave
  • Modbus RTU protocol
  • Remote configuration
  • Status LEDs
  • Manual reset
  • Compact dimensions. 1 DIN rail module
  • 230 Vac input voltage
  • PC self-extinguishing box

Single-phase split-core transformers

TRA1 80A

  • Maximum current 80 A
  • Secondary 250 mA
  • Inner diameter 10 mm
  • Class 1%

TRA1 100A

  • Maximum current 100 A
  • Secondary 250 mA
  • Inner diameter 15 mm
  • Class 1%

Single-phase closed core transformers

TRC1 100A

  • Maximum current 100 A
  • Secondary 250 mA
  • Inner diameter 12 mm
  • Class 0.5%

TRC1 250A

  • Maximum current 250 A
  • Secondary 250 mA
  • Inner diameter 20 mm
  • Class 0.5%



Manual SEM Three Download


User manual SEM Three (Multilanguage)  Download


Manual TRA Transformers  Download


Manual TRC Transformers  Download




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