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13 May 2021


Nowadays Node-RED is the leading software in the industrial sector to develop IIoT applications that allow to interconnect physical assets to cloud platforms and IT systems.

The Node-RED’s community is more alive than ever, and proof of that are the increasing numbers of available nodes and the number of manufacturing companies that opt for the integration of this software tool.

This article will explore the main nodes to develop applications for the industrial automation and monitoring in Node-RED.


Modbus (Link)

Two-in-one nodes: the Modbus node includes Modbus RS-485 and Modbus TCP communication packages. A full integration of one of the most popular industrial serial protocols.

Modbus Node-RED


OPC UA (Link)

A node designed to communicate via OPC-UA through Node-RED.

You will be able to define variables, create an OPC-UA client to read, wire and subscribe to parameters; and implement an OPC-UA server to response the petitions that are sent from other clients.



BACnet (Link)

Node-RED is synonym of integration, and that’s why BACnet could not be absent on this list. This package will allow you to read and write parameters of any BACnet device in order to include it in your application.




Nowadays, the most famous transport protocol based on publish and subscribe. In this case, you will not need to install the node because MQTT is part of the pre-installed nodes of Node-RED



MySQL, MongoDB and InfluxDB (Link 1) (Link 2) (Link 3)

Where do you have/want your database? Integrated, on the network or cloud deployed? With Node-RED you will have no trouble communicating with the market main databases. Real-time read, write and publish your information with these nodes.

Remember that you can accelerate your website performance monitoring strategy by building a custom dashboard using the popular open data visualization platform, Grafana. Just parse and inject the payload into InfluxDB, which Grafana will then query to build the dashboard.



AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure (Link 1) (Link 2) (Link 3)

Connect Node-RED with the main cloud platforms sending data from your device and storing all the information on Amazon AWS, Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure. An easy, fast and standard integration.



Node-RED Dashboard (Link)

In the large majority of industrial applications, the real-time is mandatory to control any process and actuation. The Dashboard node will allow you to create your own screen (similar to an HMI display) to monitor and control, via graphs and buttons, your devices, machines and sensors. Configure your own data display and access it via web.

Dashboard Node-RED


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